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Lease Financing

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The popularity of equipment leasing is growing! Take advantage of the flexibility it offers!

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  • Fair Market Vaue (True Lease)
  • $1.00 buy-out
  • 10% security deposit plan
  • 10% purchase option plan
Lease Financing [Advantages of leasing]

Lease Programs

Awesome options

We provide leasing programs for capital equipment needs costing as little as $5,000 or as much as $5,000,000 and more.

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  • Progress payments and advance funding to qualified vendors
  • Variable and skip payment options to address seasonal cash flow
Lease Programs [Awesome options]

Credit Guidelines

Some requirements

Check out our Credit Guidelines page for more info ! If you meet the criteria, you will be on your way in no time.

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  • Business Leasing Only. No consumer credit
  • In business a minimum of 2 years
  • You should have a business bank account
  • Start-up programs are available
Credit Guidelines [Some requirements]

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Facebook Moves to Find, Block Terrorist Content

Facebook, under pressure from government officials, is more aggressively policing material it views as supporting terrorism.
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Google Defends U.K. Tax Settlement Before Lawmakers

Executives for Alphabet’s Google business defended their settlement with the U.K.’s tax authority before a panel of British lawmakers Thursday, trying to stanch criticism of a deal that critics say let the search giant off too lightly.
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Uber Executives' Trial Gets Under Way in Paris

Uber Technologies representatives clashed with opposition lawyers over charges that two top executives incited drivers to offer illegal taxi services in France, as a two-day trial got under way.
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Google Developing Virtual-Reality Headset

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is developing a virtual-reality headset that doesn’t rely on a smartphone, computer or game console, a first in the rapidly evolving field.
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Google Bends to European Pressure on Right to be Forgotten Rule

Alphabet Inc.’s Google will expand how it applies Europe’s right-to-be-forgotten rule for search engines, bending to demands from privacy regulators.
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Japanese Stocks Fall to Lowest Levels in More Than a Year

Japanese stocks were hammered Friday, sinking to their lowest level in more than a year as sharp declines overseas fueled investor anxiety.
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Banks Drop as Global Rout Deepens

Financial shares led the selloff amid concerns that global central banks struggling to boost growth will worsen an already tough environment for lenders.
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Risk Grows of Markets Sparking Recession

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Amazon: Can't Buy Back Investor Love

Amazon’s $5 billion stock-buyback program may not be such a positive thing for investors.
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Oil Glut: What Storage Signals Mean for Prices

A gusher of oil at Cushing, the delivery point for the U.S. benchmark crude-futures contract, has put extreme pressure on prices this week.
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